MacDermid introduces Revestsul at the EBRATS exhibition

USA flagEBRATS is the premier exhibition for the Brazilian surface finishing industry.

It takes place every 3 years and receives customers from all of the industry segments. This year it was hosted at Expo Center Norte, one of the biggest exhibition centres inSão Paulo,Brazil, from April 11th to 13th.

EBRATS 2012 also incorporated the INTERFINISH exhibition in the same area, including all Latin American industries and customers.

Over 5000 people, including engineers, directors and presidents of companies related to the sector, visited MacDermid booth this year. Our visitors had a great surprise when they encountered one of the most desired sport cars in the world, which represented high technology, usage satisfaction and excellence, same characteristics that are offered when companies choose MacDermid processes.

This year MacDermid presented our recent acquisition Revestsul, also located inBrazil. This acquisition will complement the MacDermid products portfolio. Revestsul also had a booth at Ebrats, giving an opportunity for visitors of MacDermid and Anion MacDermid to become acquainted with the new member of the family.

Brazil flagO EBRATS, encontro brasileiro de tratamentos de superfície, ocorre a cada 3 anos e recebe clientes de todos os segmentos industriais. Esse ano foi realizado no EXPO CENTER NORTE, um dos maiores centros de exibição em São Paulo, entre os dias 11 a 13 de Abril.

Esse ano, junto com o EBRATS, ocorreu também o INTERFINISH Latino Americano, que recebeu clientes e indústrias da América Latina.

Mais de 5000 pessoas, incluindo engenheiros, diretores e presidentes de empresas relacionadas ao setor, visitaram o estande da MacDermid esse ano. Aqueles que visitaram tiveram a grande surpresa de encontrar com um dos carros esportivos mais desejados no mundo. Ele representava alta tecnologia, satisfação de uso e excelência, mesmas características oferecidas às empresas quando elas escolhem processos MacDermid.

Esse ano a MacDermid também apresentou sua mais nova aquisição no setor, que vem somar e complementar as necessidades de seus atuais e futuros clientes no mercado Latino- Americano. Essa empresa chama-se RevestSul e também se apresentou no EBRATS, atuando como o primeiro contato dos visitantes com a MacDermid e um link ao estande da Anion MacDermid.


Where do you find MacDermid surface coatings on a vehicle?

ZinKlad moves into India

  ZinKlad Plated Bolts

LPS  and Sundram become ZinKlad Approved Applicators

MacDermid India are very pleased to add LPS (Rohtak) and Sundram Fasteners (Krishnapuram) to our list of ZinKlad Approved Applicators (ZAPs). The approval of these new ZAPs reflects the growing importance of surface finishing to global automotive standards in india market.

India fastener market      India flag

The majority of fasteners in India today are consumed by the developing automotive sector. With global OEM’s such as Ford, Honda and Hyundai  now manufacturing vehicles for both domestic and export sales, the use of hexavalent chromium free passivates is becoming an important factor in this supply chain.


Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd, established in 1972, provides high tensile fastening technology globally. having Joint Ventures, License Agreements, and Alliances with different fastening companies worldwide.  The Company is located in Rohtak (Haryana) just sixty kilometers from New Delhi.

Bolts plated in ZinKlad 1000

LPS offer ZinKlad 250 and ZinKlad 1000

Recently LPS has established two operating units, one in Rohtak and another in Industrial Modal Town, Manesar. Collectively all the four units have a total production capacity of 25,000 metric tons (MT) per annum.

LPS also caters to the needs of  wind energy, oil & gas, locomotives, agriculture equipment and machine building industries.

Sundram Fasteners

ZinKlad 250 plating

Sundram offer ZinKlad 250 finish

Part of the US based TVS Group and headquartered in Chennai, Sundram Fasteners has become a supplier of choice to leading customers in the automotive and industrial segments worldwide.

Over the years, the Company has acquired cutting-edge technological competencies in forging, metal forming, close-tolerance machining, heat treatment, surface finishing and assembly. Manufacturing locations are supported by engineering and design personnel working on new product design and development.

The product range consists of high-tensile fasteners, powder metal components, cold extruded parts, hot forged components, radiator caps, automotive pumps, gear shifters, gears and couplings, hubs and shafts, tappets and iron powder.

ZinKladZinKlad logo

Launched 10 years ago to help automotive engineers specify the right products to meet End of Life Vehicle requirements it has enabled many global OEM’s to specify higher standards than they had previously achieved.

Today ZinKlad represents not only the best method for achieving hexavalent chromium free performance coatings, but also:

  • Approved applicators: Applying these products to a common audited standard ensures the same coating performance throughout the applicator base.
  • High performance: Exceeding corrosion resistance of hexavalent chromate systems and exceptionally consistent torque and tension characteristics.
  • Global consistency: Wherever ZinKlad coatings are applied, applicators know they are using the same high performance products.

Of course, compliance with legislation, such as ELV & RoHS, and predictable torque-tension performance continue to be essential requirements. ZinKlad continues to deliver on all of these needs.

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