Annual German ZinKlad Meeting 2013

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25th April 2013 was the date for the annual meeting of the German ZinKlad “club“. This annual gathering facilitates open discussion between all the German ZinKlad Approved Platers and the MacDermid sales, technical and OEM teams.

German ZinKlad Applicators

German ZinKlad Applicators

This year, there was a special surprise as MacDermid Sales Director, Michael Barz, handed out engraved metallic ZAP certificates to mark more than 10 years success of the ZinKlad program in Germany!

The meeting started by Managing Director, Thomas Dyllus, explaining the structure and sales growth of MacDermid GmbH. He also outlined the strategy of innovation and collaboration with the major global automotive manufactures. Both key points which benefit the platers themselves by generating new business potential and technologies which can fulfill these opportunities.

The discussion then turned to the global perspective. European Marketing Manager Mr. Mark Baker highlighted some key successes from the past year in the ZinKlad program which included:

• The rise to some 70 ZAP worldwide including 30 in Europe
• Approval by GM for ZinKlad 1000
• John Deere entering the approval process for ZinKlad 250
• New ZAPs in the emerging India and Thailand markets
• Ford approval of ZinKlad 1000 (S450) and changes to the S437 program which exclusively calls out ZinKlad 96 and 250

Finally this discussion was finished by outlining the ZinKlad vision for the next decade, continued global availability, compliance and performance improvement.

OEM Key Account Managers Otfried Bertram (VW) and Rainer Lakner (BMW/Daimler) then took the opportunity to update the delegates with the latest data from the German automotive industry. This included production, sales and longer term strategies.
They also dedicated time to the success of the MacDermid zinc-nickel Enviralloy NiFlex 12 coated fluid transfer tubes which are post plate deformed. Along with the synergistic TriPass ELV 3100 and HydroKlad Si, this coating is fully approved to VW TL244. As the coating is able to meet the performance specification after post plate deformation, this represents a major cost saving for the automotive
tube supply chain.

The agenda then turned to what tomorrow holds in store for the platers of sacrificial coatings. Christian Zimmermann, Global Anti-corrosion Junior Product Manager introduced the REACH legislation, and in particular how it relates to cobalt containing trivalent passivates. As this (cobalt) material may be prohibited in future, MacDermid already have cobalt free passivation systems working in the field. The new 7000 range of TriPass trivalent chromium passivates can be applied to both zinc and zinc alloys and operate in both rack and barrel.

A new zinc-nickel was then introduced, Enviralloy Ni-Speed. A bright zinc-nickel for rack plating which is designed to overcome deficiencies with current processes, namely brightness and plating speed. By adopting this new process platers can give a better appearance to their zinc-nickel plated parts and produce them in a shorter plating time, thus increasing production capacity.

ZinKlad certificate

ZinKlad metal certificate

The meeting concluded with an open discussion by the Platers before being presented with the new engraved plaques. Everyone agreed that the meeting had added value to their current perspective of the German automotive requirements. They all look forward to the next meeting in 2014, and of course hanging the new plaques on their reception walls!For further information, please contact Michael Barz –

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