New product release – TriPass ELV 5500 b

New product release – TriPass ELV 5500 black passivate for zinc and zinc iron. A breakthrough in black passivation technology.


Zinc-Nickel Abrasion and Resistant Coating


zinc nickel platingZinc-nickel finishes with a 12-15 % by weight nickel content are widely used in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. In automotive applications the coating is used in both interior and exterior applications.

Automotive engineers choose zinc-nickel due to its excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. This results in the coating retaining its corrosion protection even after handling and assembly operations. An example of this is applications such as door strikers and latches where abrasion resistance is the most important factor.

ZinKlad 1000, the highest level of performance in the MacDermid ZinKlad range of finishes, uses zinc-nickel as the base metallic coating.


Electroplated zinc-nickel coatings demonstrate the following features:

  • Exceptional corrosion resistance for relatively thin coatings
  • Hard coating, good for mechanical resistance properties
  • Suitable for electronic applications such as grounding screws
  • Galvanic compatibility with aluminum
  • Lubricated to modify friction properties

The specific properties of zinc-nickel finishes of corrosion and abrasion resistance, conductivity and adjustable friction make these coatings successful in many applications. Extensively used in the automotive industry, zinc-nickel coatings are also used in aerospace and electronics applications.


In Conclusion

MacDermid continue the development of zinc-nickel coatings to meet today’s industry requirements. Recent technology improvements include increasing electrolyte efficiencies, improving the aesthetics of the zinc-nickel coating and retention of corrosion resistance after post-plate deformation.

Additionally, development work includes cobalt-free trivalent passivation systems and lubricants to deliver friction properties for specific applications such as fasteners used in multiple tighten / untighten situations.

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