The MacDermid Automotive Summit, held in

The MacDermid Automotive Summit, held in Kawasaki City on September 5, 2014, brought together Japan’s automotive OEMs and their supply chain to educate the market on innovative trends in surface treatment. Leading experts from Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S. spoke about MacDermid’s dynamic chemistries for the global automotive industry.

Representatives from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other manufacturers participated in discussions on the following topics:

“ZinKlad System – from Zinc/Zinc Alloy Plating to Friction Control”

“High Alloy Zinc Nickel Deposit – Enviralloy NiFlex12’s Ductility and Other Features”

“Cobalt-free Passivation System and the Update on European Legislation”

“Optimized Plating Solutions for MID (Molded Interconnect Devices)”

“Russian Mud Testing: Investigation of Anti-Corrosion Mechanism”

“Evolve: Chrome-free Etching Process on Plastic Materials”

“Electroless Nickel – Engineering Coatings & Automotive Applications”

“Film Insert Molding: A Hardcoated Film for Plastic Parts”

“MacDermid: Your Global Supply Chain Partner”

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